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Neal Katz, CPA

Mark K. Chapman, CPA

Catherine Thompson, CPA

Danielle McGee, CPA


Leigh Ann Magier, CPA 


Debbi Stoss-O'Sullivan CPA

Elsa Paches CPA

Gary M. Osterhout, CPA


Barbara Barschak, CPA


Neal Katz CPA
Direct: 707.874.3205 (Northern CA)
Direct: 310.696.2934 (Los Angeles)
Fax: 310.601.1813

Barbara Barschak CPA
Direct: 310.696.2924
Fax: 310.626.9264

Mark Chapman CPA
Direct: 310.696.2929
Fax: 424.645.0724

Catherine Thompson CPA
Direct: 310.696.2944
Fax: 310.775.9701

Leigh Ann Magier CPA
Direct: 424.293.2970
Fax: 424.234.5459




Daniel McGee CPA
Direct: 310.696.2921
Fax: 213.596.3818 

Gary Osterhout CPA
Direct: 310.696.2958
Fax: 310.494.9364

Debbi Stoss-O'Sullivan CPA
Direct: 707.799.5209

Elsa Paches CPA
Direct: 310.696.2946
Fax: 310.424.2992    

Vince Suzukawa CPA
Direct: 424.293.2973
Fax: 424.645.0749


Jay Lee CPA
Direct: 310.696.2923
Fax: 310.775.9747  

Elma Lazaro
Direct: 310.696.2932
Fax: 310.626.9096

Jill Wheatley
Direct: 310.696.2936
Fax: 213.281.9626

Kirsten Fazzari
Direct: 310.696.2930
Fax: 310.775.9764

Cameron Enger
Direct: 424-405-4141 

Jessica Williamson
Direct: 213-442-7452 

Christina Banderas
Direct: 424.293.2972

Veronica Banderas
Direct: 310.696.2928

Victor Cobar
Direct: 310.696.2922

Josh Katz